“Crossfit is by far one of the hardest and most rewarding decisions that I have ever made. I had wanted to start Crossfit years ago, but and I was terrified. It is definitely a love/hate relationship. At times I crave it, and at times I promise myself that I’ll never come back. Never be scared to try something new. I am so grateful to be able to do the things I do, and can’t wait to see what I will be capable of in the future.”
– Bekky Shindyapin

“The first day I went to CrossFit Harrisonburg I was nervous. The kind of nervous a kid has going to a new school. I hadn’t walked five feet in the door and I was met by several athletes that gave me a warm welcome and very sage advice… go at your own pace, don’t worry about what others are doing, don’t overdo it, and check your ego at the door. Now, I consider those athletes as close friends, as well as so many other people at CFH.

For me, it’s about the culture.  It’s about the dap, the high five, the pat on the back…. It’s about an extended family that works hard at being the best they can be, pushes others for one more rep, or go harder, or faster.  Yet, really embraces the social aspect.  The social piece is the icing on the cake and we probably have more fun than should be allowed.

CFH is also blessed to have so many people with different backgrounds, abilities, and stages in their progress. CrossFit is also cross-generational. When I have struggled with a lift, younger athletes have shown me how to do it better, even to the point of filming and then reviewing the things that I need to focus on. Without me asking they took the time to coach and help. That, you won’t get at a traditional gym.
By the way, checking my ego at the door? I gladly do it every WOD.”
– Tony Atkinson

“I will be honest and say I was a little intimidated in joining CrossFit Harrisonburg however, I knew it was time I did something.  I was an athlete my whole life but like many folks, becoming a parent and advancing in my career took precedent and there just wasn’t enough time in the day to do it all.  Again, like so many, my needs and goals went on the back burner.  I eventually returned to the gym and was getting back in good shape until 4 years ago when my mother passed away.  Needless to say, I lost my mojo and became a couch potato.
Then one day, I met Mike Garber.  He didn’t really approach me about CFH right away but as our relationship turned from professional acquaintances to friends he didn’t hesitate to bring it up.  Of course, I kept finding an excuse and would think to myself- seriously?  What part of me says CrossFit athlete?  Then Mike introduced me to his wife Dixie and we hit it off.  As we spent time together I was quickly inspired by them both to give it a chance.  And boy, I am so thankful I listened to them.

CrossFit is absolutely for everyone! All fitness levels, all body types, and all ages. Every single movement performed is scalable to your individual needs and goals. There is no pressure rather always someone offering encouragement and helping you along the way. There is never boredom as the workout changes daily and impacts your entire body. As a new member, you go through Fundamental classes to teach proper technique and there are also coaches in every class watching over everyone and believe me, they will stop you in the middle of a class to correct your form if needed.

I still have a long way to go to get to where I used to be but I no longer have doubts about getting there. I enjoy each class I go to and look forward to not only the workout but the caliber of people I get to spend time with each time I walk in the door. It truly is a judgment-free place and I have never felt intimidated by anyone- other than what was going on in my own head. If I have one complaint- it is that I can’t get there as often as I want to!! With that- thank you, Mike and Dixie, for helping me find my mojo again!”

-Donna Preziuso

“I have been intrigued by CrossFit for a while but wasn’t sure it was for me, as a 30 year old working mother who has no experience with strength training.  I didn’t know if I had the time, or the ability to do CrossFit, and quite frankly I was intimidated by the idea of it all.  I’m very thankful that a friend mentioned it to me and asked if I wanted to come to a class, because I don’t think I would have gone without that little push.  I was initially relieved to see that the members at CrossFit Harrisonburg were so welcoming and encouraging and that they really range in age, size and physical ability.  What has been most surprising to me, is that I expected that doing these workouts would make me feel weak, especially alongside people who have been doing it for a while, but the opposite is true – I feel strong and I amaze myself with what I’m able to do.”
– Hillary Dorzweiler

“I joined CrossFit Harrisonburg two months ago. When I walked in the door I was welcomed by the coaches and even the owners! They said that I had done the hardest part of CrossFit which is walking through the door. I thought to myself yea right; the workouts have to the hardest part, but sure enough, in my two months, that has been the hardest part.  

I am not an athlete and before CrossFit I only worked out on a treadmill and swam laps here and there.  I was getting bored with my normal workouts and dreaded having to go to the gym. My friend suggested I try CrossFit with her; she was a regular that joined a couple years ago. I was very leery, but she reassured me that I can do it and there were different levels. So I agreed to do a free day and try it because it couldn’t hurt.

Since I walked through the door, survived the first workout I was hooked! The coach, owners, and the others working out in the class encouraged me on and helped me make it through the workout. I have never felt so supported at a gym. The attention and help you get from the coaches is amazing and nothing I have gotten at any other gym. My first week there was a team workout and the coach did it with me< side by side motivating me through every step to finish. Running is my weakness and I struggle with workouts with running.  The first workout I had to run a lot; I was the last one to finish and Grady, the coach, ran the last 400m with me not letting me give up and the others in the class were clapping and cheering me on to finish the workout strong. Because of Grady and the others, I have improved so much with my running and have the confidence that I can run. In the two months, I have been, I have met some wonderful people! I have a couple ladies that go every day to the same class and encourage me and help me along the way. For the first time in my life, I wake up every morning and get excited to go workout after work. The workouts are extremely hard, intense and push you; they are not easy but, once you are done, you feel so accomplished.

In the last two months, I feel more confident about myself, I have lost weight, I feel so much more healthy and extremely proud of what I have accomplished so far. You cannot understand the CrossFit Harrisonburg community until you experience how amazing it is!”
– Ashley Mason


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